Open an account
in Mexican Pesos

Sign up with a passport from any country. No residency card required.

Foreign account

Same-day availability (weekends included). Better rates than wire transfers, ATM withdrawals, Xoom, and Western Union. No need to create additional accounts.

Pay your

Pay your bills (including CFE, water, and mobile phone) directly from the Cuenca app. Avoid having to pay in person with cash.

Transfer money
within Mexico

Free transfers in seconds, 24/7 using the recipient's phone number. Withdrawals to a bank account only require a CLABE and cost only 2.50 pesos.


Make purchases with online merchants who only accept local cards. Avoid additional service fees when using a foreign card.

Customer support via WhatsApp

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Matin Tamizi
Matin Tamizi

Matin was the co-founder / CEO of Balanced, an online payments company that processed over $500MM in 2014. He holds a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering and previously lived as an expat in Europe and as an undocumented immigrant for 5 years in the US.

Ricardo Medina
Ricardo Medina

Ricardo was a Vice President at the Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores and the Director of Sistemas de Pagos at Banco de México—where he led the creation of SPEI. He holds a Master of Science in Statistics, Econometrics and Finance from the University of Oxford.

Bibiana Monterde
Bibiana Monterde

Bibiana worked at a top Silicon Valley design agency and has led design at multiple San Francisco technology startups. She's a classically trained designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.